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Make the most of a green card marriage interview

 Posted on February 01, 2019 in green cards

Many Texas immigrants hope to obtain a permanent resident legal status in the United States. Those who have married U.S. citizens will, at some point, attend a green card/marriage interview. Answering questions during an official immigration interview can be quite stressful, and not performing well can ultimately place one’s status at risk.

The purpose of the marriage interview is to rule out fraud. The federal government is aware that some people try to abuse the system by entering marriage under false pretenses, perhaps even for money to help immigrant spouses gain permanent resident statuses. The marriage interview is designed to weed out those whose relationships are not legitimate.

To avoid problems, it is best to arrive at a green card/marriage interview well prepared. This includes bringing all written documentation pertaining to entrance into the United States. In addition, one should bring a marriage certificate and any additional evidence that may help convince the interviewer that the marriage in question is bona fide. Such evidence might include photographs, correspondence between spouses, greeting cards or notes, and things like bank statements or other mail addressed to both spouses.

If a first interview does not go well, spouses may be afforded a second attempt to prove that their marriage is authentic. It is critical that both spouses are able to answer personal questions about each other as well as provide details regarding special dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries and other memorable occasions. In order to better understand the green card process and important marriage interview issues, a consultation can be requested ahead of time with an experienced Texas immigration law attorney.

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