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If you are a U.S. citizen who is planning to get married to a person who lives in a foreign country, there are several factors that must be considered. Would it be preferable to get married in your partner's homeland or another country and then bring your new spouse to the United States, or would it make more sense to have your fiancé(e) come join you so you can tie the knot in the U.S.? While either route will be allowed under existing immigration laws, obtaining a visa before marriage can expedite the immigration process significantly.

Attorney Jae Lee immigrated to the United States from South Korea. After attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, he served as an officer in the U.S. Army. Following his service, Mr. Lee obtained his law degree and dedicated his legal career to helping those who dream of building successful lives for their families in the United States. As an immigrant himself, he understands the challenges involved with the associated processes.

Assistance With Fiancé Visa Applications in Dallas

U.S. citizens can sponsor foreign fiancé(e)s for K-1 visas. While these fiancé visas are a step in ensuring that a fiancé(e) can eventually become a lawful permanent resident (LPR) of the United States, they are classified as non-immigrant visas. A K-1 visa provides temporary authorization for entry to the U.S., and it will only be valid for 90 days. A couple must get married within the 90-day window after the fiancé(e) enters the United States. If the marriage does not take place during this time, the person will be required to leave the country.

After becoming legally married, the couple can apply for an Adjustment of Status in order to obtain a Green Card for the foreign spouse. This will be a conditional Green Card, and it will be valid for two years. To maintain LPR status for the foreign-born spouse, the couple must apply for removal of conditions before the expiration of the conditional Green Card.

Eligibility for Fiancé Visas

To be eligible to sponsor a foreign fiancé(e) for a fiancé visa, a person will need to meet the following criteria:

  • The sponsor must be a U.S. citizen.
  • The couple must be legally eligible for marriage under the laws of the United States and the state where the wedding will occur. In addition to meeting the age requirements for marriage, any other issues that may make the marriage illegal must be addressed. That is, if either partner was previously married, they will need to provide evidence that the marriage has been legally terminated through divorce, or they must show that their former spouse had died or that the marriage was legally invalid.
  • The couple must intend to be legally wed within 90 days after the foreign fiancé(e) arrives in the U.S.
  • The couple must have had at least one in-person meeting during the two years prior to filing the visa application. There are some exceptions to this requirement, although they are relatively rare. In general, exceptions will only be allowed if a couple has not met face-to-face because of long-standing religious or cultural traditions. Exceptions may also be allowed due to extreme hardship in certain situations.

If the couple does not get married within the 90-day window after the foreign fiancé(e) enters the U.S., or if an application for Adjustment of Status is not submitted after the marriage becomes legally valid, deportation may occur.

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