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Family immigration: How to help a loved one obtain a green card

 Posted on March 01, 2019 in Firm News

Texas is home to tens of thousands of immigrants. Each person’s journey to the United States is unique although many people’s experiences share certain issues in common. For instance, a great number of people enter the U.S. through the family immigration system.

This means that a U.S. citizen or someone who has green card status can petition the government on behalf of a family member to help him or her obtain a green card as well. Family members entering the U.S. on a family-based visa often include spouses, siblings, parents or children of petitioners. As with most immigration programs, there are strict requirements involved that must be fulfilled in order to process the proper documents.

It can be quite helpful to seek guidance and support from someone who is well-versed in U.S. immigration law and, in particular, the family immigration process. Filing applications, answering interview questions and making sure all legal status paperwork is in order can be highly stressful. Relying on an experienced immigration attorney throughout the process can help alleviate such stress.

The Law Office of Jae Lee, in Texas is fully equipped to assist those who wish to navigate the family immigration system. A personal immigration journey and experience helping others pursue their dreams and permanent residency goals is the backbone of a practice dedicated to providing effective guidance and support in all aspects of the U.S. immigration system. Whether you have questions about eligibility or waivers or have already begun your visa process and have run into an obstacle, you may request a consultation to explore what options are available to rectify a problem and help you accomplish your immigration goals.

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