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Why is good moral character important to citizenship?

 Posted on May 01, 2021 in naturalization & citizenship

Being someone of good moral character is one of the requirements for citizenship in the United States. Knowing what this means can help you prepare for the naturalization process.

Having moral attributes can benefit your life in many ways. You may be more successful at maintaining meaningful relationships, winning the trust of others and establishing credibility in your personal and professional interactions.

Courage and loyalty

Courage means you willingly step outside of your comfort zone to do something that causes angst and uncertainty. You can show courage when you stand up for someone else or when you use your voice to promote an idea that others may disagree with. Another characteristic of good moral character is loyalty. You can show loyalty when you commit to something and make sacrifices to protect what you value.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you need to show proof of your understanding and compliance with good moral standards prior to naturalization. Officials could look back as far as five years to determine that your conduct meets the requirements for naturalization and citizenship.

Integrity and honesty

You will also want to show integrity. This means that you maintain a superior standard of truthfulness and deal honestly with other people. Even in challenging situations where telling a lie would appear to ease your stress, staying honest and true to your moral compass will say a lot about your character.

Honesty can prevent costly repercussions later on if others find out that you lied. People may feel more motivated to maintain a relationship with you when they know they can trust that your words will consistently match your actions.

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