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What is a joint sponsor?

 Posted on October 01, 2020 in fiancé visas

One of the most important requirements for the K-1 fiance visa is to meet the income requirements. In the case of the K-1 fiance visa, the “sponsor” for the visa is the American citizen spouse. In order for the U.S. government to give the non-American spouse a K-1 visa, the sponsor must prove that he or she has sufficient income.

In the event that the American sponsor does not have sufficient income for a K-1 fiance visa on his or her salary alone, he or she can either use additional assets (if available) or a joint sponsor. According to Rapid Visa, a joint sponsor is a third-party individual who agrees to sign an affidavit of support to help the sponsor qualify for a K-1 fiance visa.

Who can be our joint sponsor?

In order for a person to act as your joint sponsor, he or she must meet specific requirements. Your joint sponsor must be no younger than 18 years old. This person also needs to either be a US citizen or a permanent resident. This individual must also have a domicile in the United States and meet the minimum income requirement for the K-1 visa on his or her own.

Will a joint sponsor always work?

There are certain circumstances where a joint sponsor cannot help the couple. For example, if the non-American is specifically from either the Philippines or Thailand, the use of joint sponsors is not allowed.

Before proceeding with a joint sponsor, you should always directly contact the specific and the US Embassy where the K-1 visa fiance interview will take place. The embassy will let you know if they will accept the use of joint sponsors.

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