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Texas sheriff investigated for illegal money seizure

 Posted on January 01, 2022 in family-based immigration

Immigrants face many challenges as they work to settle and build a life in Texas and the rest of the United States. These challenges are often exacerbated when the immigrants are undocumented and local law enforcement officials are not playing by the rules.

According to CNN, the Real County sheriff in Texas is being investigated for stealing money during traffics tops from undocumented immigrants. Although no charges were filed, the attorney general’s office and the Texas Rangers executed search warrants in the small county located close to 90 miles away from the United States and Mexico border.

Immigration disagreements often fuel allegations

Local government officials have often sparred and disagreed with the current presidential administration over issues such as immigration. In Texas, property and money can be seized during a stop if there is clear evidence that links it to some type of criminal activity. The allegations leveled against the sheriff suggest that he seized money that was not involved in any specific crime.

Warrants show sheriff may have committed felony

According to warrants, the sheriff seized several thousand dollars after stopping a car on a report of a vehicle with no insurance in a suspicious area. Although he claims that he held the vehicle and currency as part of the evidence of a trafficking crime, there does not appear to be any evidence to support his claim.

Any undocumented immigrants who feel they are being treated unfairly or illegally because of their immigration status may benefit from meeting with a qualified immigration attorney who can help them work toward citizenship or naturalization. Immigrants may not understand their rights, and an attorney can simplify the process and protect their best interests.

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