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Know your waiver options against inadmissibility

 Posted on August 01, 2022 in Uncategorized

US immigration has many requirements for anyone entering the country long-term as well as a variety of restrictions that bar certain applicants. However, these grounds of inadmissibility are not black and white.

With the right waver, you may have more options than you think when it comes to applying for your own immigration or helping loved ones with theirs.

Examples of inadmissibility and exceptions

As CitizenPath details, there are several categories of inadmissibility that may or may not have waivers available.

Health-related grounds concern the spread of disease or abuse of drugs. There are waivers available for failing to provide proof of vaccination as well as having a communicable disease. However, drug abusers or addicts do not have a waiver available.

Anyone convicted of a crime may have a harder time applying for a visa as well. Crimes of moral turpitude or prostitution come with waivers. Convictions of human trafficking, however, lack a waiver.

Inadmissibility for unlawful presence

A major hurdle for some immigrants is remaining in the United States unlawfully during their application process. Acknowledging your unlawful presence may sound intimidating, especially with the chance of extradition. However, it is one of the qualifications for an I-601 waiver. In fact, making a false claim of citizenship is one way to reduce your chances for a waiver.

If you or your loved one is 17 years or older, currently in the United States to provide biometric data and are pursuing lawful presence, you may still qualify for a waiver. These waivers may help avoid deportation while you apply for a green card. It is important to understand your unique situation and identify which resources may help you navigate this complex legal topic.

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