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How can you prepare for your naturalization test?

 Posted on June 01, 2022 in naturalization & citizenship

The naturalization process can feel overwhelming as you steadily move closer to your interview and test. A lot hinges on whether you pass your test, so it makes sense that you may feel nervous about the whole event.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to prepare for your naturalization interview and test. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the interview and test involve answering an officer’s questions and taking a two-part exam.

Preparing for the interview

To prepare for the interview, study your application. The USCIS officer will have questions about your background and talk to you about your application. If you are nervous before the interview, ask a friend or family member to go over your application with you. Ask someone you trust to perform a mock interview to prepare you. When it comes to your interview, answer calmly and honestly.

Preparing for the exam

To prepare for the exam, the USCIS provides study guides. The English test will have reading, writing and speaking elements to it. There are vocabulary lists to prepare you for the reading and writing portion of the test. On the other hand, the civics test is a test where you answer questions. The officer will give you up to 10 questions out of a list of 100 questions. You must answer at least six of the questions to pass the test.

If you filed for naturalization after December 1, 2020, and before March 1, 2021, there is a 2020 version of the exam. The civic test has 20 questions, of which you must pass at least 12.

If you do not pass the test, you have two attempts to pass the civics and English test. You must test within 60 or 90 days of your initial interview.

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