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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking a Fiancé Visa

 Posted on May 06, 2024 in Immigration

Plano immigration lawyerGetting engaged is an exciting time, but the fiancé visa process adds extra considerations for couples where one person is not a U.S. citizen. You can avoid some common hurdles when applying to avoid delays or even denials. A Texas lawyer is someone who you can benefit from having on your side during the entire process.

Not Meeting Eligibility Requirements

You must demonstrate that you meet the legal criteria for a fiancé visa. This includes providing evidence that you had a real relationship involving meeting in person within the previous two years. Texas prohibits relationships established while one party was hired as a dating service.

Another key requirement is an intent to marry within 90 days of your fiancé’s U.S. entry. You will also need to submit proof of your ability to financially support your spouse, following Texas guidelines. If you have struggled with previous immigration violations or criminal charges, those issues could complicate eligibility.

Discrepancies in Documentation

Inconsistencies in information provided across different parts of the application are a red flag for immigration officials. Dates, names, locations—even minor contradictions suggest fraud and can grind the process to a halt.

Be thorough when checking that every supporting document matches the details in your forms. Have friends or family review materials before submission to catch any errors. It is best to be 100% truthful. Lying or omitting facts is illegal and usually uncovered during security checks.

Not Providing Adequate Evidence

You are not marrying a stranger off the internet, so you need to demonstrate your real-life relationship’s legitimacy. Immigration expects to see proof like photos together (metadata included), records of calls or messages, trip documentation, and statements from those who know you as a couple.

Do not just submit everything you can dig up, though. Carefully curate evidence that creates a credible story of your relationship’s authentic, ongoing nature. The quality and relevance of that proof matter more than how many pieces of evidence you have.

Overlooking Interview Preparation

Your final step is passing an in-person interview with a trained immigration officer. Do not neglect to practice for this crucial element. The interviewer will probe into intimate relationship details to gauge if your situation seems legitimate.

Typical questions may cover how you met, your partner’s traits and background, your upcoming wedding plans, your ability to coexist despite cultural differences, and so on. Be ready to provide specifics about why you are suited for marriage, not just rehearsed phrases.

Moving Too Fast After Entry

Once your K-1 visa is approved and your fiancé joins you in Texas, the clock starts on your 90-day window to get legally married. Make sure you make all the arrangements, like purchasing rings, securing the venue and officiant, filing for a marriage license, and budgeting appropriately.

Contact a Plano, TX Immigration Lawyer

You can avoid major mistakes by being thorough about eligibility, supporting proof, interview prep, and follow-through after entry. When approaching such a life-changing process, it is wise to consult a Dallas, TX immigration attorney. Call Law Office of Jae Lee at 214-295-3014 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation in person or remotely.

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