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Can your foreign fiance work in the United States?

 Posted on February 01, 2021 in fiancé visas

Helping bring your fiance to the United States may have its challenges, but can set the foundation for a promising life together. Adequate preparation can expedite your effort to transition your significant other to a new home.

Your fiance can have privileges including the ability to work, with the appropriate authorization.

Authorization to work

Once your fiance arrives in the United States, he or she can immediately apply for work authorization via form I-765. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, once approved, this privilege will last for 90 days. This time period extends to a year if your fiance submits an application for a Green Card at the same time as a request for work authorization. Your fiance will need to renew an authorization to work each year.

When your fiance receives approval to work in the United States, he or she can legally seek employment anywhere. Community resources may provide your fiance with leads about available employment opportunities.

Facilitating the transition

The adjustment of working in a new country may affect your fiance’s confidence. You can provide support and encouragement. You can find resources including cultural orientations and job placement services on the USCIS website and at your local library.

You can quiz your fiance on his or her understanding of the English language and basic civics knowledge. Throughout the process of finding employment, you can practice interviewing your fiance. Help your fiance design a resume that meets the requirements for the jobs he or she shows interest in. With your consistent support, you can help your fiance build the confidence to pursue a successful career in the United States.

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