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Can your fiancé find work in the country?

 Posted on February 01, 2022 in fiancé visas

Starting over anew in a different country is often enough to rattle even the strongest of people. However, getting started on the right foot can help build a strong foundation that can make the transition easier to bear.

With the right authorization, it is possible for your fiancé to gain the ability to work, which is one step toward making the process of transitioning smooth.

Work authorization approval

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services take a look at how fiancé visas work in the country. They note that after your fiancé arrives in the country, they can apply for work authorization with form I-765. If approved, this privilege lasts for 90 days. If your fiancé applies for a green card at the same time, the privilege lasts for one year instead.

In order to work each year, your fiancé will still need to refresh their approval, renewing the authorization to work any time it expires.

After receiving this approval, your fiancé can apply to and work at any place just like a regular citizen. They can use community resources to learn about potential employment opportunities, especially geared toward new arrivals in the country.

Providing support

You can help by not only providing security and support in this time, but by looking into resources like cultural orientations and job placement services. You can also help go through practice interviews and help your fiancé improve on their English skills, helping them to polish their abilities and prepare for interviews. You can even help them design a resume that could help them land the job they want.

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