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Can My Significant Other Sponsor Me to Come to The United States?

 Posted on September 25, 2023 in Immigration

Plano Family Visa LawyerThere is a way for your girlfriend or boyfriend to come to the United States under what is called the Visa Waiver Program, but they can only stay here for up to three months without a visa. However, if your relationship is more serious and you have plans to get married, you may bring your loved one to the United States with a fiancé visa. The paperwork and immigration laws can be confusing, so having a skilled Texas attorney will help.

Who Can Qualify for the Visa Waiver Program?

The Visa Waiver Program is basically a program that allows people who want to come to the U.S. on business or for tourism without having to get a visitor visa. It is the easiest way for your boyfriend or girlfriend to come visit. However, only citizens from 38 countries are allowed to travel to the U.S. under this program. 

What Can I Do If I Want to Marry My Foreign Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

If you are a U.S. citizen who wants to marry a foreigner, getting a visa before marriage usually makes the immigration process faster. For the government to issue a visa, there must be an advantage for Uncle Sam. For example, enrolling in school and paying international tuition would weigh in your favor as it shows you are supporting the country’s educational system.

What Is the Process to Bring My Fiancé to the United States?

You can help a foreign fiancé get a K-1 visa, which is a temporary, non-immigrant visa. It would allow your fiancé to enter the U.S. and stay for 90 days. During these three months, a couple must get married in the U.S. If you do not tie the knot during this time frame, the fiancé has to leave the country. 

To sponsor a foreign fiancé, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen

  • You must have intentions to get married within three months

  • You must have met your significant other during the past two years at least once in person before beginning the visa process

  • You must meet the age requirements for marriage

  • If previously married, you must show proof of divorce

Once the marriage is recognized, the newlyweds can apply for an Adjustment of Status to obtain a Green Card for the foreign spouse.

If the couple does not get married within the three-month time frame or if the proper paperwork is not turned in after the marriage is legally binding, the foreign spouse may be deported.

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