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Family hopes caretaker status will stop pending deportation

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | family-based immigration

Anyone in Plano who has had to try and navigate the waters of the immigration process may know exactly how complicated that process can be. Fortunately, when one has a family member that is either a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident, they often have a leg up on attaining legal immigration status.

That may not always be the case, however. Alleged immigration law violations committed by those with family members in the U.S. might still make them subject to deportation. It is in such a scenario where they may have to rely on other provisions that support their residency status.

Father fights to stay in the country

The legal team for a New Jersey resident currently facing deportation hopes just such a provision will allow him to stay in the country. According to reports, the man sought asylum after arriving from his native India, yet did not gain approval. He remained in the U.S., however, with his wife and two daughters (all of whom are U.S. citizens) up until federal immigration authorities recently detained him. Yet one of his daughters suffers from permanent disabilities and requires around-the-clock care. This has prompted his attorney to point out that his deportation would cause an undue hardship on his wife by leaving her to care for the girl alone. He currently sits in an immigration detention facility awaiting a ruling on his case.

Mounting a defense against deportation

One facing deportation may feel as though their situation is hopeless. Yet there are scenarios where federal authorities might bypass or suspend such action if one meets certain criteria. Exactly what those are is likely a mystery to people without an extensive knowledge of immigration law. It is for this very reason why having access to informative legal resources may be so valuable.