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How can you help a loved one prepare for the naturalization test?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2020 | naturalization & citizenship

If you have a family member preparing to take the naturalization test, it is both an exciting and nerve-racking time. The test involves more than questions about your family member’s background and application data. The English and civics test are intimidating for a lot of people who must take it. Fortunately, with the right preparation, your family member will do fine. How can you help? With the help of a study guide from the USCIS, you can help your loved one.

The civics section of the test involves 10 questions. There is a pool of 100 questions that the 10 questions draw from and you must answer at least six of these questions correctly. If you are helping a family member prepare, it helps to access all 100 possible questions. Give your loved one ample time and go over each question and answer. This way that there are no surprises on this portion of the test.

In addition to civics, your loved one must pass an English test. The USCIS provides a vocabulary list that will contain the words that he or she will have to read in the reading portion of the test. Help your loved one go over the vocabulary. In addition, you can help him or her with his or her writing. Test takers only have to write one out of three sentences correctly to demonstrate their English ability.

For the speaking test, you can also find a vocabulary list to study with your loved one. Help him or her with any words that he or she is struggling with.