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Can I get a waiver for the immunization requirement?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | naturalization & citizenship

In the interest of public health, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires a medical exam before you can enter this country. This helps to prevent you from bringing in diseases or illnesses that you may pass on to others and that could result in an epidemic or another widespread health issue. It is possible for the USCIS to deny your application on health-related grounds. One of those grounds is that you do not have the required vaccinations.

The USCIS explains there is a waiver available for the vaccination requirement.  You must provide documentation that you have the required immunizations, or you may submit documentation providing an allowance for you not to have the immunizations.

A waiver may be available if you have an objection on moral or religious grounds. You also can provide proof that you have received the vaccinations, which qualifies you for the waiver. If you cannot do that, you can provide documentation from a medical professional stating that it is against medical opinion or otherwise medically impossible that you receive the vaccine.

To get qualify, you must meet specific requirements. Although, do note that you do not need a qualifying relative to receive this type of waiver. Except for the religious or moral objection, you need a health professional to provide the proof, and you can get the waiver without paying a fee or filing a form. For the moral or religious objection waiver, you must pay a fee and submit a waiver form. This information is for education only, and it does not constitute legal advice.