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Plano U.S. Citizenship Lawyer

Plano, TX U.S. Citizenship Lawyer

Plano U.S. Citizenship LawyerAttorney for Those Seeking American Citizenship Through Naturalization in Collin County

There are two primary approaches that may be taken to obtain U.S. citizenship. The most common is through birthright. When one or both of a child's parents hold legal citizenship, the child will generally also be recognized as a citizen, as long as they submit the proper paperwork before they reach the age of 18. The second approach is known as naturalization, and it allows people who have made a permanent home in the United States to receive the full rights that are provided to citizens.

At the Law Office of Jae Lee, our immigration lawyer is uniquely qualified to represent those who are pursuing citizenship. He is an immigrant himself, having come to America from South Korea when he was still young. This history has helped him develop a profound understanding and appreciation of the immigration process and the sacrifices that many people and families make as they pursue opportunities in this country. He and his team are extremely knowledgeable about all legal aspects of the naturalization process, and we work to help immigrants understand the steps they will need to take to complete this process with ease. We make an effort to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and supported during their journey toward acquiring citizenship.

Why Should I Become a United States Citizen?

Becoming an American citizen bestows a wealth of rights and privileges on a person. Citizens of the United States are protected by the fundamental freedoms promised in the U.S. Constitution. These include but are not limited to:

  • The freedom to express oneself, which is known as free speech.
  • The freedom to practice any religion or faith a person should choose, without being subject to persecution or discrimination based on when, where, or how they worship.
  • The ability to travel internationally with a U.S. passport and re-enter the United States at any time.
  • The right to participate in elections and vote for public officials and referendums, as well as the right to run for or hold public office and the ability to serve on a jury.

When an immigrant is granted American citizenship, they will be guaranteed a permanent right to live anywhere in the United States they choose. They cannot be deported, even if they are accused or convicted of a criminal offense. U.S. citizenship can only be revoked in rare cases, such as when a person committed fraud during the naturalization process.

What Requirements Must Immigrants Meet to Become U.S. Citizens?

Certain types of essential criteria must be fulfilled before a person can successfully complete the naturalization process. Although some specific criteria may vary from case to case, most applicants will be required to:

  • Have a valid Green Card that recognizes them as a lawful permanent resident of the United States.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Live in the United States for five years, or three years for those who are legally married to U.S. citizens.
  • Meet the requirements for continuous physical presence in the United States, which generally state that a person cannot have been outside of the country for over six months during the residency period prior to their naturalization application.
  • Have good moral character in which they have not been convicted of certain types of crimes or engaged in behavior that has put others at risk of harm.
  • Show that they can speak and understand English proficiently and be able to read and write the language correctly.
  • Pass a test demonstrating an understanding of U.S. history and the American system of government.
  • Take an oath stating that they will maintain allegiance to the United States and uphold the Constitution.

While no two naturalization cases are the same, many standard requirements and procedures will likely apply to those who wish to become U.S. citizens. Our dedicated attorney will take the time to review a specific case and explain the specific information that must be provided on a naturalization application, as well as any supporting documents that should be submitted. We will provide guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring that a person will be able to join the ranks of people who are dedicated to upholding and preserving the freedoms of the United States.

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