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Need Help Getting A Visa For A Family Member Outside The US?

One way to obtain a family-based immigrant visa, or green card, is by applying for an adjustment of status. This is often an option for temporary visitors or students.

Understanding The Consular Process

However, individuals can also obtain green cards through a procedure known as consular processing. Those located outside of the United States who wish to pursue lawful permanent residence status can submit the requisite documentation to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their country of origin. This location will also be where the interview will take place.

The process of applying for lawful permanent residence status via consular processing is complex. There are strict procedural obligations and stringent filing requirements.

However, guidance from an experienced attorney can help minimize mistakes and delays, and help streamline the process.

One-On-One Guidance From A Knowledgeable Immigration Lawyer

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Let me help you or your loved one pursue a green card.

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