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Helping You Take The Next Step To Pursuing US Citizenship

Becoming a United States citizen is dream come true for many people — including myself, Jae Lee. As an immigrant who migrated from South Korea as a child, I grew up appreciating the freedoms associated with living and working in the United States.

If you or your loved one has a green card and wishes to take the next step and apply for U.S. citizenship, let me help.

U.S. Citizenship Eligibility Requirements

There are many steps involved with pursuing the path to U.S. citizenship. The naturalization process is complex. However, you or your loved one must first meet the eligibility requirements before you can apply. Applicants for U.S. citizenship must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Obtain lawful permanent resident status (a green card holder) in the United States
  • Maintain U.S. residency for at least five consecutive years
  • Maintain a flawless criminal background
  • Possess rudimentary English language skills

If you or your loved one meets these requirements, I can assist you with filing the application, completing all necessary immigration forms and guide you through all necessary procedures. As a lawyer with extensive knowledge of immigration law, I can make sure the correct steps are followed, and minimize delays and potential hurdles during the naturalization process.

My Promise To You

As your lawyer, you will always be able to reach me. If you have a question or concern or are looking to receive an update about the status of your application, you and your loved one will have my cellphone number to call or text at any time.

Contact My Office Today For Help Applying For US Citizenship

I invite you to call 972-905-2170 or email my office, Law Office of Jae Lee, in Plano today to set up a consultation to talk about your situation with a qualified immigration attorney. I can discuss your goals and the process of applying for U.S. citizenship in greater detail.

I offer free consultations, flat-fee rates and payment plans. Serving all of northeastern Texas.

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